A star is born – how it all started

Posted by james on 28th February 2015 in News

My name is Ian Clayton, I have been involved in engineering my entire professional working career, I like so many other people enjoy DIY. I recently undertook a project of completely renovating our main bathroom. I painstakingly removed all of the existing tiles and repaired all of the plaster damage along with all other meticulous requirements during the duration of the project.

Upon completion and considerable expenditure, we were really pleased with the finish; however we were really struggling with the finishing touches to complete the project, in particular where our expensive towel rail radiator went through the ceramic tiles on the floor. Although we had made a really neat job of cutting the holes in the tiles we really wanted to improve the completed finish, we researched all of the radiator roses / rosettes that were available all we could find was the typical DIY superstore options that looked extremely tacky and unattractive, this was not what we wanted to compliment the high spec ceramic tiles that were in place.


At that point we decided to manufacture our own radiator roses / rosettes, we designed the 5 point star made from stainless steel, we used stainless steel so that the rose / rosette would last a life time. The manufacturing comprises of the use of high quality stainless steel, the process consists of CNC laser cutting, using nitrogen as the assist gas this allows the cut edge to be clean cut and without any contamination, also laser cutting has an accuracy of 0.01 of a millimetre. We decided on a mirror polished finish, this is expertly applied as a manual operation allowing 100% inspection and taking away any sharp edges. The difference that the roses / rosettes made to the overall finish of the bathroom was just what we wanted.

We have now developed and registered 8 designs all with the option of solid and split designs, the split designs allow application without and draining or removing of radiators.

Our house comprises of either ceramic tiles or solid wood floors, we have a different designer radiator rose / rosette in every room in the house. Our plan is to give every household an option to finish their Radiator / Ceramic / Wooden / Laminate floor in true style.